When coconut husk is processed to coir fiber, the emanating by-products are “fiber” (1/3 of the husk) and “Coco Peat” (2/3 of the husk). Coco peat is also called coir dust or coir peat or coir pith. Coco peat is widely used as a growing medium in the horticulture industry and is a superior alternative for Peat Moss. It also bears a very high water holding capacity and gives maximum efficiency for fertilizer usage.

Coco Peat is subject to washing, sieving and drying before being converted into the final product. It is pressed into different block sizes in accordance with customer requirements and then shipped to requisite buyers. Coco Peat and Husk chips are sometimes mixed in different ratios before processing, and conversion into the final product depends on the type of vegetation and customer requirement. In horticulture, Coco Peat is recommended as a substitute for peat moss since it is free of bacteria and fungal spores. It also sustains environmental damage unlike the ill effects of Peat mining.