Husk Chips are cut pieces of coconut husk. They are available in different sizes from very small scraps to bigger lumps. They are also available as sieved and graded sizes, as low EC grades and High EC grades. They are usually used in the Commercial cultivation of Gerbera, Orchids, Anthurium. Chips create the spongy nature to the growing substrates and it increases the aeration and expansion. 

Product Size of the Bag Expanded Volume (Ltrs) Weight (Kg) Packing Loadability 20 HP Loadability 40 HC
Pallet FCL Pallet FCL
Coconut Husk Chips,     ( Graded or ungraded ) 65 x 45 x 30 180 - 190 22 - 24 Packed in LDPE Bags, Palletized loading 24 240 28 560
Coconut Husk Chips,     ( Graded or ungraded ) 75 x 45 x 30  200 - 210 23 - 25 Packed in LEPE Bags, Bulk Loaded   300   630

Any given size with given packing modes can be available
Bags and Prints can be customized
Mixtures of Husk Chips with Coco Peat is available
EC can be tailor made (Per customer request) and washed or unwashed